Madhura Deshpande

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst - Sage Colleges
ABA PhD Student - Endicott College

Behaviour Consultant at Proactive Behaviour Analysts

15+ years ABA Experience, Sydney, Australia.Unit Co-ordinator at Monash University teaching Masters of Education (Applied Behaviour Analysis)Teaching Associate at Monash University teaching Masters of Applied Behaviour AnalysisAdvanced Level NDIS Behaviour Support PractitionerSupervisor for students pursuing BCBA and BCABA

Working with children and adults with complex and co-morbid diagnosis and high support needs, intellectual disabilities, level 3 autism, psychosocial mental health diagnoses, rare conditions like agenesis of the corpus callosum and chromosomal translocations.Specialisation in assessment, management and treatment of high risk behaviours.Assistance in legal issues relating to guardianship, unscientific and misuse of restrictive practices authorisations, Department of Education, Family Court issues and the NDIS.Providing guidance to parents, teachers, healthcare providers, primary care givers and guardians.

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